3 Online Personal Training Tools

Nowadays, you really want to use a personal training software to manage your face to face or online clients. Those apps will help you keep your clients active and involved, they will also help you tremendously from a business perspective. And finally, it’s a great opportunity for you to build an edge over your competition.

But there are many to choose from, so we decided to select a the most important ones to help you make a better decision. Remember, no app is perfect, they come in all sizes and shapes, so you want to pick the app that better fits your specific needs.



PTDistinction was developed by personal trainers for personal trainers. It has really been designed for PTs who want to take their training online.

It is packed with features such as progress tracking tools, a library of over 1000 pro videos of exercises, an automated messaging service, online assessments, meal plans and even an option to add recipes. You can add your own branding and integrate it to your website and it also offers a mobile app.

It is so feature rich, that it may not be for all trainers, but rather those with a little experience. But it is definitely leading the pack.

PTDistinction website


Target Tracker Pro

Target Tracker Pro is designed to enhance the group training and/or boot camp training for your clients. It focuses mostly on session and food tracking.

It’s easy to setup an event, set the limit of places for each event or share it on Facebook. Your clients can add their own specific targets which automatically synchronize with your dashboard.

If managing groups as opposed to individuals is the core of your business, or if you have a high volume of sessions, you really want to have a look at this app.

Target Tracker Pro website



Pivot is one of the simplest and easiest tool available for PTs. It has been created for trainers who don’t want to spend time learning new tech skills. Pivot aims to create custom workouts and send them to your clients’ mobile devices.

It’s a nice and simple app that gets the job done.

Pivot website


You may also want to have a look at:

Trainerize - Over 25,000 trainers and studios use Trainerize – those guys know what they are talking about.

Virtuagym - Virtuagym is great for trainers but also gyms and includes a check-in-system and point of sale.

Totalcoaching - One of the most complete platforms featuring 1000 exercises videos and over 20,000 food items for customized meal plans.

PTminder - Helps you manage your PT business and focuses on packages, bookings, invoices and payments.


Most of those apps have free trials, so go ahead, pick one, and see if it works for you. If you haven’t jumped on that bandwagon already, chances are you won’t be looking back!