Why Should Every Personal Trainer Use Facebook Ads?

The days of opening a business and hoping to grow it by word and mouth alone are dead and gone. We are living in the digital age. You need to be where your clients are. And right now everyone is heavily invested in social media.

In order to grow your business consistently, today’s elite personal trainers must master the most powerful form of advertising available: Facebook ads.

If you don’t become a master yourself, then you need to have someone build a campaign for you and at the very least be aware of the strategies that can be implemented for your business.

Don’t get left behind!


- Develop the Right Mindset

First things first, we must develop the right mindset. Facebook should be considered as an investment and must be treated as such. You need to spend time and money there to see real results. Just like your clients must spend time and dedication to achieve real results in a gym.

Simply put: the company that is willing to spend most money to acquire a single client will win.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire clients (if you know what you’re doing). But yes, the fitness company that spends more money will usually have an advantage over the business that spends less.

In this relationship with advertising, the more money you are spending on one customer, the more chances you have done something different (and hopefully superior) to your competitors, instead of just going for the cheapest clicks possible.


- Set Clear Goals

You’re a personal trainer so you give your clients goals right? So when it comes to your fitness marketing strategy, it’s just about the same: you need clear goals on what you want to accomplish. In most cases, it is more sales.

Facebook will allow you to develop relationships and generate leads that will eventually turn into sales.

Another thing you will want to have a close look at is metrics and analytics. Especially conversion rates (or how many people are opting-in to your pages).


- Define Your Ideal Client

You want to be really specific about who your target customer is.

Often it will be the clients you are working with now, but sometimes you may want to evolve to another population.

Before you start any Facebook campaign, you should get a clear picture of your ideal client.  Who are they, where do they live, what are their aspirations, goals and likes. Say you want to work with 50-something men who want to get back in shape. You must ask yourself why they want to get back in shape?

You want to get in the mind of your ideal client. You just have to ask them the right questions and you will get all the info you need. Once you have that knowledge you can use it to create the copy of your ad. And if by chance you already have a client who fits your ideal client profile, get to know them more. Have a drink with them and really nail down what makes them your favorite client?

For the first time in the history of communication, you can easily talk to 1.3 billion people, so go ahead be selective, the more you are, the better!


- Track Your Sites With a Facebook Pixel

Again, just as you track your client’s progress, you need to do the same with your online marketing.

There is a tool for that of course. The Facebook pixel allows you to track and measure accurately your campaigns. You will need to install it in the following places: your website, your landing pages and your thank you pages. Basically everywhere you want to send your clients to online.

Installing a Facebook pixel properly is essential if you’re serious about tracking your ads. You should check if it is working properly BEFORE investing money into Facebook ads. If its not the case, you won’t be able to track your results, and you won’t know what needs to be adjusted while running your ads.


- Facebook is all About Their User’s Experience

As an advertiser, you always come second to Facebook’s users. Facebook constantly tries to improve its user experience. Because without its users, there is no Facebook.

It means that Facebook has Ad guidelines that your ads must strictly observe. Failure to do so won’t allow your ads to run on Facebook, and in some cases result in having your advertiser account banned.

So as a Personal Trainer, you will want to steer clear of before/after pictures, negative language or showing too much skin. A lot of fitness professionals get into trouble because they fail to observe these rules. Don’t be one of them.


- Create a Successful Fitness Ad

Don’t be intimidated, Facebook Ads are simple and yet offer powerful customization options. But at their core they all have the same ingredients: a powerful image, a catchy headline, relevant copy and a call to action. Short headlines that ask a question are often a hit for fitness ads.

But the most important element of you ad by far is your image. The right image will make you ad fly, the wrong one can simply kill it. It means that you want to carefully observe the Facebook ad guidelines. You can also use images of real people in your gym. The quality of the images is important so you want to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your gym, your clients or you.

Once again, Facebook is an investment, and the more you invest in your campaign, the bigger return you’ll receive. Facebook Ads are also a great opportunity to make a first impression with your local clients. A professional photo of yourself is always a great starting point.

And finally don’t forget to highlight the one or two key benefits your clients will be receiving.


- Build Your Email List

It is always challenging to start selling something to someone you just met, right?

Well, it is just about the same on Facebook. You will want to start to build a relationship with them first. And one of the best ways to do that is by providing value to your customers BEFORE they buy anything from you.

This is what is called a Lead Magnet. As a trainer, you will want to provide workout videos, meal plans, or grocery shopping lists for instance. But don’t forget that key is to provide real value. As a client, it should be a product that you would be happy to pay a small amount for and that will bring you closer to your goal.

The Lead Magnet will help you get people opt-in to your email newsletter, which will allow you to continue to nurture a relationship with them. Eventually those relationships will turn into actual sales. (You can read more on this topic here: Email Marketing 101 For Fitness Pros).

Email marketing is where you really build the trust, relationship and make the sales.


- Whatever You Do, Your Client is The Star

Final advice, in all the medium you choose to use, whether traditional Facebook ads, email marketing or video testimonials you should always follow this model:

Star > Story > Solution.

Star: Your client is the Star, this is always your starting point.

Story: You want to talk about the problem they had before they found you. Is it gaining more muscle, or weight loss, or nutrition? Talk about them and their problem.

Solution: Demonstrate how using your service the Star solved their problem. 

Don’t hesitate to be persistent, most people will need between 5 to 7 interactions with you to build trust before an actual sale can take place.



There are so many things to cover that I could go on much longer. But I hope that by now you have realized the immense potential of Facebook Ads. Don’t waste time, learn to master this powerful channel today and get more email sign-ups and sales tomorrow as a result.