How to Use Facebook for Your Personal Trainer Business?

Did you know that there are more than 1.3 billion of active Facebook users? And that number is climbing really fast.

The average American spends more time on Facebook than they do with their pets! What's more is that half of all average adult Facebook users have over 200 “Facebook friends”

You can easily see that by recruiting one fan of your Facebook Business page fans and persuading them to share a post, you can potentially receive exposure to another 200+ people. Now that’s marketing!

But Facebook is constantly changing, and lucky for you, tech geeks like us are here to make it real easy for you and give you the best information. Right here, right now.

For instance, did you know that 50% of Facebook fans prefer brand pages to company websites? And that number is only expected to grow. What does that mean?

Well, if Facebook isn’t a good part of your Personal Trainer marketing funnel and you are not engaging your potential clients on Facebook you are missing out on a huge profit center.

This in-depth article is going to cover 4 solid strategies to market your personal training services to a qualified and targeted audience of Facebook users. It’s a mix of old tricks and brand new strategies. Some are free and some are paid, but all are PROVEN to get you new prospects, leads and ultimately high paying clients.

Let’s dive in!


1. Tag your fans and get viral  

Sometimes the simplest tricks give the best results.

One of the best ways to engage your fans is to post pictures to your timeline. Ideally, you will want to post pictures of your clients / fans (with their permission of course). But in order to really take advantage of the viral nature of Facebook, you want to  “tag” your fan or client in the photo in order to identify them.

And that’s where the magic begins: when you tag someone in an image, all of their friends will see it too. Better yet, you can build some social proof and post some before / after pictures. Usually, their friends will not hesitate to congratulate them AND doing so give you the credit for their transformation.

This is also a great opportunity to start a dialogue with their friend. And of course, when their friend will eventually need to get in shape for summer, you’re the one they are going to think of. You’re the person who they know and literally proved your ability to get one of their friend in great shape.

When you develop the habit of doing this systematically, the sheer number of posts and inspirational images of success stories builds your brand tremendously.  


2. Have Your Clients Check-In Regularly

When a client meets with you for a session, you want to encourage them to check in. This should become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Most mobile users will know how to do this already, but don’t hesitate to show them in case they don’t.

When a user checks in, their friends see it in their timeline too. It’s another simple trick to get viral. In a perfect world you will want to ask your client to leave a quick testimonial about the training session every single time.

The best way to make sure that users will reliably check in is using incentive. There are built-in Facebook systems to track how often a user checks in. So for instance, you could offer a freebie like a t-shirt, coupon or discount every 10 times one of your clients checks-in.  

And finally, you should have a sign at the entrance of the gym to remind your clients. When your clients check in consistently, you are creating a viral buzz. But most importantly build a loyal follower base who are proud of their results.


3. The Facebook Squeeze Page

Facebook (and Facebook users really), like to keep the action inside of Facebook for as long as possible. Staying inside of Facebook makes users more trusting. So we want to engage with our audience within Facebook for as long as possible.

It is now possible to create customized tab on our fanpages, and you can create almost anything you want within that tab space. So it is possible to easily place a squeeze page that feeds directly to your email list.

This takes email marketing for personal trainers to a whole new level. Of course, you will need to funnel people to this cool looking squeeze page (more on that coming up), but I can guarantee that it is the best way to build a targeted email database.


4. The Promoted Post (or Facebook Ad)

We should start with a little explanation, promoted post have far more reach than your usual Facebook post. Whereas a typical post can only be seen but your fans. Promoted posts can target any of the 1.3 billion Facebook users. And you can do so with incredibly precise targeting tools. Allowing you to make sure that your message is going to be heard by the people that really matter to you.

It is the first time in the history of advertising that such a powerful tool exists.

For optimal efficiency, these promoted posts need to send to a Facebook squeeze page, and this will help you collect hundreds of targeted emails.

With this potential for increased exposure, it is mandatory that you structure your posts well. And pay special attention to a compelling image (or video), and a direct call to action. This is one of the most effective way to rocket a profitable personal training campaign.

Facebook Ads is such a vast topic that I get more into details here: Why Should Every Personal Trainer Use Facebook Ads?  




So there you have 4 of the best ways for personal trainers to market on Facebook. If you haven’t started yet, you really need to get your head in this game and get a slice of those 1.3 BILLION users. Your clients are on Facebook today, it is up to you to go out there and find them.

On Facebook your fans can come to know, like and finally trust you. And from there you can build a relationship, and when the time is right, those people will be happy to become your clients.