Email Marketing 101 For Fitness Pros

Each and every single one of your clients has a problem that you can solve. But only if they recognize you as the local fitness and fat loss expert. And this is where email marketing can bring awesome results for you and your clients.

A common mistake that many small business owners make is that they don’t build email marketing lists. This is often caused by fear of the unknown.

But fear not, we’re here to help. And hopefully you’ll soon have a better understanding of one the most effective ways of building a relationship with both current and potential clients.

If you already have an attractive website for your business, adding email lists to the mix should be easy. Once again, if you don’t have an email marketing strategy setup, you are missing out on a big opportunity.


Targeting is Everything

You want to tailor you message to the people you are talking to. It means that you don’t want to send the same email to a current client as you would a potential client. Or you don’t want to talk about weight loss to people interested by muscle gains.

The more specific your lists become, the more personalized you can make your fitness email campaigns. Setting up your lists properly at the very beginning will save you a lot of time, so spend the time to get your foundations right.

Finally make sure that your personal training email marketing starts off with a very compelling offer, often in the form of a Lead Magnet (more in this in this post: Why Should Every Personal Trainer Use Facebook Ads?).


How to Get People to Sign up to Your Mailing List?

When starting a new relationship, one good approach is to offer something of value early. In the case of email marketing it is often in the form of an ebook or exclusive report that gives great information and positions you as the top fitness expert in your area.

One way to start is write your own ebook about nutrition, or if writing is not your thing, offer workout videos where you share some tips. The idea is to offer something that nobody else is offering or to do it better. You can also hire someone to have an ebook professionally written for you.

Keep in mind that when someone is signing up, they are offering you something of value – their email address – and you should do the same and give them something equally valuable. At this early stage you want to refrain from asking too many questions too early. But you may want to add an additional field to learn about their main topic of interest: boot camp, weight loss, strength training…


Emailing to Your Current Clients

First things first, let’s start with your current clients. After all they’re the ones putting food on your table today. When done properly emailing your current clients can turn a one-month sign up into a client for life. You should offer information by email that you know they will be interested in.

For instance, send out workout tips, of info about nutritional supplements or a weekly recipe. Don’t make every email about selling something. People will opt-out of that quickly. Instead send something both educational and enjoyable. You’ll win if they look forward to getting your content each week.


Client Case Study

Ultimately you will want people to know, like and trust you. That’s when they’ll want to buy from you. So you can also send them one “client case study” email per week.

The idea is to showcase one of your client success stories.

Tell your email list about all the ways your client struggled while trying to lose weight on her own. Then tell them how much weight he’s lost and how much better he feels today after working with you. (Of course, you will want to clear with your client that he’s OK sharing his story).

Those emails typically follow this pattern: Star > Story > Solution.

Star: Your client is the Star, this is always your starting point.

Story: You want to talk about the problem they had before they found you. Is it gaining more muscle, or weight loss, or nutrition? Talk about them and their problem.

Solution: Demonstrate how using your service the Star solved their problem. 


Potential Clients

With people who have shown an interest in employing your personal training services but have not yet joined up, you can make special offers that will motivate them to meet you in person.

It is key to limit the amount of time they have to respond. A special offer that runs 24/7 is not a special offer. And if every time you email them you make the same offer, they’ll keep putting signing off. Procrastination is a very common human behavior.

Once in a while you should make them really good offers. Think low barrier of entry and high value delivered. It must be easy for your clients to experience how amazing it is to work with you and how much it is changing their life.


Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters are a great way of telling your clients about what is going on with your business. You may want to include industry news, client success stories and dietary information or tips. Anything that will demonstrate your expertise and enthusiasm for your business. Refrain from incorporating sales pitches in your monthly newsletter.

Replying to emails from your clients or prospects in a timely manner is obviously very important. It may seem like a chore but the more helpful you become the more you build trust.


Subject Lines Are Really Important

Think about this one second. How many emails do you receive per day? And on what device do you read them more often? If you’re like the rest of us chances are most of this action is taking place on the small screen of your phone.

So sometimes, even if they feature the best content your emails are not opened simply because of their subject line. That’s how important those few words are. Here are some tricks to get your emails opened.

- Make your headlines compelling and curiosity provoking

- When you make a promise, keep that promise

You will often see emails with a bold promise in the subject line but failing to deliver in the email body.



Remember that email marketing is the most effective way to get more clients in your personal training or boot camp business. It is simple and low cost.  Build an email, be cool to your readers, get them to know you like and trust you. And periodically send them offers to get in your fitness programs.